When I randomly miss my friends…

Hello mateys, I’ve been a member of medium for a while now and until this exact moment, I never really felt like I had anything worthy of writing that I could write properly about. So there I was and here I am now…

I’m 17(soon to be 18) and finished my highschool 4 months ago.. And now I’ve joined a pretty well reputed University for BBA.. And going to the new campus and meeting new people have so far been exciting to an extent… But what hasn’t been exciting was the fact that I miss every single one of my highschool best friends now..

Regardless of how well the day goes or how much enjoyable the classes and the new classmates were, at night, when I’m laying down on my bed, looking for sleep to find me, I feel randomly sad.. And I say randomly because each day, I keep thinking about different things that we used to do as friends over the past 2 years..

Now, I must add that I’m more of a guy who enjoys a group of friends rather than just one or two, but even then, even when I realise that you still got the weekends and the other holidays that you could use to spend with your brothers, I still feel a bit, um…, lost really. And I keep feeling as though none of these guys (or girls) that I’ve met here got the sort of characters that my brothers do. And I feel as though the connection of the soul I’ve felt with these guys are impossible to replicate, no matter how wonderful a person it is that I’m going to meet..

Again, I don’t know why, but I feel that these relationships, the feeling that you get when you know that hanging with, travelling with, eating with, laughing with, and just sitting with these brothers is what makes you the happiest in the world, and now knowing that since we’ve got different interests for careers and joined Universities that are hundreds of miles from each other, knowing that those beautiful moments of rambling about total bullshit and laughing at each other and riding with each other and sharing a tiny chocolate bar with each other and many,many more, won’t come to you anywhere near as frequent as they have been for the past two years…. I feel, a bit sad…….

Again, this is me, just trying to get all of these thoughts off my chest, typing it from my phone while laying on my bed. And this might make me seem like a sad, depressed person who is starting to hate his life, but I assure you, I’m not. And the fact that I only expect a very few people to actually use their valuable time and effort to read this doesn’t prevent me from typing it all out. Why? Its because I know, that despite how terrible I geel right now, I believe, that he who we all know who is and worship ask for help, won’t let go of me that easily. And that tomorrow will be better than today.

So here’s to a better tomorrow than any todays that you’ve ever had..…


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