The who, what, and why of Bear

Bear is, by far, my favorite piece of software.

I had been using EverNote for many years. I tried to organize all kinds of things in it, but eventually it became an overwhelming stockpile of noise. At one point I tried “AlterNote”, which was a simplified client of EverNote, but still had issues because it relied on their sometimes unreliable API.

One day, I ran into Bear. To be frank, I wasn’t sure it would be that great. How could it? I’ve tried so many note-taking apps, they’re all kinda better in different ways, but none of them really changed my behavior much. I’d write some notes, mostly forget them there, and let them pile up.

Eventually, I decided to try Bear. I’ve never looked back. The first thing I noticed about Bear is its incredibly simplicity. It’s buttery smooth to use, and oh-so-beautiful… I find myself *wanting to write notes* just so I can be in Bearland. At this point, I use it for pretty much everything — personal notes, goal setting and planning, work meeting notes, personal projects, study notes, book summaries, blog post drafts, URL bookmarks… Yes, I really mean *everything*. The syncing across devices is flawless. I’ve never had a single issue. This is what truly good UX is — not just pretty designs, but functional designs that work in the way you expect and want.

It has changed the way I self-organize my own work, simply by getting me to use a single tool regularly to think, plan, and reflect. It’s not just a visual UI that I love it (although thats a big one) — it’s all the *little things* that make me smile. The tagging just works, and is designed so well (ah, nested tags, how I love thee). The Markdown syntax support makes my life SO much easier (it even motivated me to rebuild my personal site in Hugo, which means my workflow is to write Markdown pages in Bear and then just publish).

I could go on and on... I think the biggest thing I want to say to the Bear team is this: thank you from the bottom of my heart, for making something so beautiful, so useful, and with so much love. You reminded me of why I love building software — because we can write a bunch of code and that can change how people *feel*. It’s a truly magical thing (and so is Bear)!

Thank you! ❤️🙏🏾

P.S. If you ever decide to expand to SF… would love to chat :)