Methinks this guy doth protest too much .
Munly Leong

I don’t think he’s saying working remotely is bad — note the title is “Working Remotely Isn’t *Always* a Dream”, which generally implies that it’s usually a dream, with some caveats. I think he did a good job of identifying those for folks who don’t know what working remotely is like.

For those of us who have worked remotely, I think we know enough about the pros/cons to make our decisions, and (hopefully) wouldn’t look to an article to say “yes it’s good” or “no it’s bad” :)

P.S. Personally I enjoy working from home, as it gives me lots of opportunities to focus deeply, and flexibility to also do “life tasks” as needed… but for some reason I never really understood coworking (either in a space or in a coffee joint). Just seems like going to a place that has lots of noises and distractions for no clear reason.

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