How teamwork results in big actions

I am going to explain a story from the biography of a living legend Sir Abdulsattar Edhi founder of Edhi foundation in Pakistan that is a non-profit social welfare program.The story explains how the teamwork leads to the greatest actions in the world. It is the teamwork of sir Edhi and his stepmother named “Ghurba” that led Sir Edhi to the best deeds he has done so far.

The incident I have chosen to explain the subject is from the childhood of Sir Edhi. I am going to give you the same wording as Sir Edhi wrote in his biography.

Auto-Biography Abulsattar Edhi

In teamwork there are other people who take care of your flaws. I would like to tell you that this was not only Sir Edhi who had a kind heart for the people. As above picture tells his mother was the one who was taking care of Edhi’s flaws.Since she always give him 2 paisas ,one for himself and other for some poor soul. She used to inquire every day about where he spent the other one paisa. In this way she was encouraging Edhi to do good deeds. When he did not use the money for the poor she used to taunt him in order to teach him the lesson of virtue and sharing what he was given by God.

The way Edhi’s mother took care of his flaws in early age show that there is a contribution of her in Edhi’s being virtuous. It was not only Edhi doing the welfare work in his childhood, his mother and he was working as team. This was not the only incident of there teamwork but we can also read it throughout his childhood like helping the widows in Ramadan, helping a wounded man and helping the sick people in the can read the whole stories here :

The same principle of teamwork has worked in my life as well. I am not a brilliant person may be a little hardworking. Throughout my life my family has supported me helped me in all respects.The moral support from my family is usually my power booster. For example my paternal aunt used to teach me in my matriculation. She is usually more excited and nervous in my result days than me. Now I am a final year student of a reputable engineering institute.

The thing people can learn from the two example is that a big deed is always a result of mutual efforts, A person’s success is usually dependent on the teamwork of him and his family in early age, like Edhi used to team up with his mother in order to do welfare work, this thing made him do the best he could for welfare of the poor in Pakistan. Then there comes a time when a person has to team up with his friend to make a difference. In his job years he has to do team work with his colleagues to get good result.So in my opinion teamwork is the thing that can lead to great deeds.

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