My #just start project

Programming languages are not the piece of cake for every one. I am one of the people who find this job hectic and difficult to learn and explore the different programming languages and the programming of micro-controllers. Throughout my first three years of engineering I depended other people to do programming for my projects. I liked Programming of micro-controllers but always afraid to do it, so I left It.

Now in my final year it is our task in FYP(final year project)to do programming of arduino. So now I have to learn programming no matter how difficult I think it is. I want to learn it so that I may do better in my FYP and also I will be able to learn many other things by it.

I have always find that this thing is no made for me. In my engineering there were some courses for programming but I could not do well in those specific courses. That is the main reason I am always afraid to do it.

I think I should face my fear and so I am going to learn arduino programming language.The very first three things I had to do are ,first buy an arduino module and do internet search, second thing is to watch internet tutorials and get start my learning and the last but not the least I have to practice my programming and ask my friends in case of some difficulty.

My experience doing the above task was quite good. I downloaded tutorials from youtube and found them impressive. I practiced a little and the bigger fear for me was to ask someone in case of difficulty but I faced my fear and asked a friend for his help. To my goodness he told me that he would help me in learning the module programming.

I think the thing I learnt from this experience that we have to just start something. Starting some thing in first place is the main step toward learning. Then facing your fears is the best thing we do.

The next steps for me are that I don’t hesitate to start something new. After that I think facing the fears is really an enjoyable thing. And then next time I would love to face my fears.