How you can help ensure BIP148 is a success
Luke Dashjr

Salute to you Luke Dashjr!

Just need a clarification as I just for the first time in my life downloaded a Bitcoin client (BIP 148 compliant Bitcoin Core from

  1. In reference to what you say below, does “receiving bitcoins” mean those bitcoins that are being mined by the client OR does it mean transferring bitcoins from ANOTHER wallet to the Bitcoin Core BIP 148 client OR does it mean both?
  2. Do I have to do anything special (check an option) for my Bitcoin client to “receive transactions”? Or will the Bitcoin client do this by itself?

Sorry for the silly questions as I am still in the process of downloading the blockchain.

“Many people are already running a BIP148 node. But does this help? Not simply by running a node! A common misconception is that nodes are voting for BIP148, but this is not correct. Anyone can run any number of nodes, so this wouldn’t even be a good idea if it were possible. Rather, what matters is not that you’re running a node, but that you’re using it to receive transactions. This is what it means when people talk about economic nodes: nodes that people use for economic activity. So, if you use the wallet built-in to your Bitcoin Core+BIP148 node to receive your bitcoins, you’re doing your part to enforce BIP148.”


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