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Really, your boss is good at “tapping on screens” and “sipping drinks while chatting at parties”? What does that have to do with the article?

SATs don’t measure your IQ (and “IQ” is hardly ever brought up in the real world, especially the job market), they measure your knowledge and ability to learn the necessary skills. You can improve your SAT scores by studying and practicing, but you are also likely to do better on the sections you’re naturally skilled at (Math, Writing, etc).

It sounds like you are bringing class struggle and the wealth gap into this. That’s a worthy topic but different from the author’s point. She is saying that passion is good, but pursuing something only out of passion, if you have no natural talent for it, will probably result in your being resentful, depressed, and unsuccessful. This doesn’t mean poor people need to take all the crappy jobs, but that one should find a job they’re good at and don’t hate, and maybe they will learn to love it at some point. Along the way you can cultivate your passion and pursue it, but when it comes to making a living, you need more than passion.

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