Love That Whitening Lotion? Here’s How it is Damaging Your Skin

Contemporary steroids are one of the typical medications prescribed to cure many kinds of skin ailments. Widely used by skin specialists over fifty years ago, steroids were first reflected as powerhouses since they magically healed many individuals with all types of skin illnesses.

Steroids work primarily by terminating the swelling in the skin and subduing its immune cells. However, recent studies suggest that excessive amount of steroids, whether taken orally or applied on skin, can have impending side effects of steroids, for example, increased susceptibility to getting bruises, spots, and spider blood vessels. The threat of experiencing these side effects is influenced by the strength and forms of steroids (such as, lotion, suspensions, balm, or spray). It also depends on the frequency and period of usage as well as the area of application.

Increasing number of beauty products today contain significant amount of steroids that do more harm than good to your skin. While you may get some instant results with a few applications, these products harm your skin in the long run and you may end up getting skin ailments as serious as cancer.

Ways Steroids Harm Your Skin

So, the next time you hear of a whitening cream that promises to miraculously make your skin two shades lighter (with its cocktail of steroids, of course!), here’s what you need to know before getting it for you:

1. Rashes and irritation

Steroids are notorious for irritating your skin and even if you skip scouring or tugging your irritated skin, they can leave redness on your skin, particularly on your cheeks, chin and forehead.

According to a study, a 35-year old woman who used her regular beauty cream containing discreetly effective steroid to eradicate skin dryness and to become a few shades fairer, fell victim to erythematous rash along with itching and burning after two years of regular use. Her erythema lessened on discontinuing the use of steroid after some time, however, it left behind hyper-pigmentation and blemishes.

2. Long-term skin issues

The introduction of contemporary steroid brought with it a new dermatitis which was labelled by numerous names such as light-sensitive seborrheid, perioral eczema, rosacea resembling dermatitis, steroid-rosacea and steroid eczema like rosacea.

All these skin issues emerge due to uninhibited usage of topical steroids on the skin. Usually an individual starts using steroids for primary dermatitis, however, with incessant abuse of steroids, he/she cultivates the steroid eczema. The major outcome of this dermatitis is erythema, papules and abscesses along with the account of rebound occurrence.

3. Skin thinning

One of the major drawbacks of excessive use of steroids is skin thinning. This typically happens with the usage of high-strength steroids. Skin thinning can actually make you look older. Wondering how? Well, it can make dark circles appear under your eyes and make tiny spider blood vessels visible on your cheeks which will add a couple of years to your otherwise pretty face. Steroids actually leave your blood vessels inclined to bursting and bruising.

4. Allergy

Prolonged use of steroids can cause allergy among some individuals which in some cases can worsen the skin irritation.

5. Stretch Marks

If you were lucky enough to not get stretch marks during pregnancy, too much use of steroids can make you prone to acquiring them now. Studies reveal that continuing use of steroids has in some instances resulted in long-lasting striae on the skin, staining, discoloration, or thin spider veins.

6. Augmented hair growth

While some people lose hair like crazy when on steroids, many people complain of excessive hair growth on their face, particularly in expected areas (for instance, upper lip and forehead). If you are not a fan of ground-breaking hairy forehead style, you’ll have to opt for hair removal techniques soon after.

Usual hair removal methods such as waxing can be excessively punitive on steroid-thinned skin, and instead of getting a baby-smooth skin, you’ll end up becoming as red as a lobster. Hence, you’ll have to quit waxing and invest in a gentler depilatory treatment.

7. Acne

Steroids activate surplus oil production and consequently cause unappealing breakouts on your face. And, the bad news is that Stridex pads and zit cream that worked magically during your teens, can no longer help you out as your skin becomes drier and loses elasticity. All the cruel salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide cures can now aggravate your skin woes and even cause skin cracks.

In case you are a victim of steroid-induced acne, search for skincare products that comprise of activated charcoal. It is a mild, effective element that removes dust and grease without scrubbing your skin harshly. Use blotting papers to wipe up extra grease on your face before it blocks your pores and causes acne.

8. Facial fat redistribution

Steroids can cause your facial bone structure to almost disappear by restructuring the fat in your cheeks. This will make your face look chubbier and you’ll lose your otherwise perfectly chiseled jaw line.

Final Thoughts

Steroids are game changers when it comes to battling a variety of skin ailments that most of the ladies face. However, these treatments bring along certain physical alterations that can leave you feel quite different from your usual self. From instantaneous facial hair development to series of breakouts, steroids can radically transform your appearance. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to refer to a doctor before using any such product that contains steroids or claims to miraculously cure your skin condition because, most probably, the magical ingredient it boasts of is a steroid.