Native Search Engine? (Web Content Searchable) in iOS 9

So iOS 9 has finally caught my attention this week (yes I am a late comer to Apple News these days)! I’m finding all the app integrations and extensions Apple is providing in iOS these days quite fucking handy!

One feature that caught my eye was the fact the Apple is taking on native search engine capabilities with their Spotlight search feature. If this feature is snappy and functional, it’s gonna be great!

iOS 9 Spotlight Search

So web markup accessible straight from Spotlight? Wow! So how are they acheiving this? Well after reviewing the release notes and Apple docs looks like web developers will have to annotate their structured data inside their markup (HTML). Something like this will result in a Recipe coming up as a search result in the Spotlight UI.

In addition to using structured data markup from, you can provide Open Graph markup for specifying an image, or preferred title and description to accompany the result.

So I’m gonna be super interested in the rollout of this feature and it’s performance in comparison to of course downloading the Google app and doing a good ol’ ever so proficient web search! Also, interested to see how this feature will promote indexed sites for quick references, say like Wiki-sites, Craigslist, University directories, etc. Good stuff Apple!