In “On Genres as Ways of Beings” , the author Paul Heilker explains in great detail that “genres are ways of being, ways of emerging into the world”(29). With this quote, Heilker is attempting to briefly explain that genres cause the writer to “emerge into to the world” as a different being than what they are. Heilker further clarifies his idea by giving an anecdote. He tells the story of how he gave a speech during his graduation ceremony. “And yet, as a result of having to write in the archly constructed, over-determined genre of the commencement address, I did, it seems, become earnest and optimistic and generous, at least for a little while anyway” (22). Although Heilker was not a very optimistic, generous and earnest as a throughout high school, he temporarily changed his way of thinking and believed he had those positive qualities.

I think Heilker’s idea is comprehensible because it can be applied to basically everything. Different places cause you to change your way of being, change the way you act. For example, at the Fairhaven Commons people act a certain way. At the commons, people do their own thing whether that be socialize with others, take a nap on the couches, play the piano or even dance. Even though there might be a lot of things going on, people tend to stay in their bubble and not bother others. Although people might seem inclusive to their own group, they are still friendly towards others.x

1.There is a lot of open space. To use this, I must value others around me and socialize.

2.There are several couches next to one another. In use them I can sit in a couch away from people or I can sit with several other people next to me. I have to decide whether I value the company of others or alone time.

3.There are cushioned loveseats. To use them, I can either be courteous and let someone else sit with me or be selfish and use it all to myself.

4.There are single person couches. To use this, I have to sit in it by myself.

5.The couches are not nailed to the ground. To use these couches, I can sit in the couch, wherever it maybe or I freely move the couch to wherever I want.

6.There is a piano in the corner of the lounge. To use this, I have to be comfortable knowing that everyone in the commons can hear what I play. I have to be open to the idea that other might criticize my playing, might not like what I play or maybe enjoy what I do.

7.There are tables and chairs on the outside of the POD Market. To use them, I probably have to get food from the market to eat. To get the food, I have to have some sort of currency to pay.

8.There is a microwave near the market. In order to use it, I have to get some food from the market that needs to be warmed up.

9.There are pool tables in the room next to the Information desk. To use this I have to make the decision to play, have people who want to play with me and enter the room .

10.The pool table room has a window to the Info Desk. To use the tables, I have to ask for the equipment.

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