Growlive App — Learn skills live-UI/UX Casestudy

In this case study, I will be describing my process of designing a whole new live learning experience.

Overview 👁‍🗨

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• The experts can reach only a limited audience in a physically conducted class.

• Currently, experts have to depend on social media platforms to promote live classes and then send the zoom link to each interested learner. ‍💻

•People who would like to learn something do not have the time to physically go and attend a class. ⏳

Competitive Analysis 📊✏

I analyzed three main applications that are Skillshare, Udemy, and Curefit as they have courses for various categories to offer for learners. Curefit specifically has a concept of live classes. This helped me understand the various parameters followed in the design of other applications. 👍

The main problems with these platforms were that there was no community experience while learning and no accountability. Trainers who conduct classes locally could not conduct their regular classes online with ease.

Validation 🤓‍👌

These trainers had to post their class updates on Instagram to publicize, and then individually send the zoom link to each participant 💻. Here, is some screenshots from those posts for some additional validation.

Screenshots of trainers promoting live classes on Instagram and Whatsapp

Meet the Users 👩👨‍

Project goals👍

What are the mutual goals of the user and the business?

Let's have a look.👇

Ideation 💡🧠

Brainstorming sketches

Iterations 🤭

Some of my old screens.👇🤣

Some of the iterations

Design Execution 😍


Interest Selection and Course page

How might we create features that are flexible and around the schedule for learners?⏳

So, I gave the feature where learners can book a slot as per their convenience of the class. I wanted to make the interface as clear as possible for the user. Hence I added reference pictures of the requirements for the class.

Live class experience

The learners can provide feedback to the trainers in terms of likes and claps too.👏 These features can create an engaging atmosphere for live learning.

After class

Every user will be having the first 3 live sessions of any class to be free 🤟 after which to attend the class further they will have to upgrade to premium membership.

Users will also get notified in terms of reminders a day before the class such that they can prepare for the requirements of the next class accordingly.

Up for a challenge feature

The learners need to submit their work each day with other learners. This facilitates mutual support to practice. At the end of it, the user gains the complete points for the challenge.💯

Up for challenge feafeatureture

Final thoughts

Claps are highly appreciated.👏

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