Shot from the installation

Projection Mapping Installation

Projection Mapping Installation for ‘Infinity’ Event

Junk is stuff you usually throw out. Or maybe not. You can usually reuse it to serve another purpose. In fact, sustainable design is all about recycling objects over and over again. So here is an installation, a look at the infinite possibilities that an object can serve in the consumer-based society we live in. Computer junk or scrap material, each object can be put back into the loop of creation once it’s done serving its original function. Like Pacman, we are consuming all the time and trying to beat each…

Digital illustrations, more often than not, germinate on paper.

Like many designers, I start with process sketches scribbled on odd bits and pieces and only take them to Photoshop or Illustrator when I have a fair idea of what they should look like.

But Fontli was different.

I’d been working on corporate graphics for a while, and this assignment needed more unconventional thinking. I knew it had to have a strong typographic/lettering element to it, but it also had to have its own distinctive style.

The initial sketches weren't amazing. …

Saloni Sinha

A dreamer by day, an insect connoisseur at dusk, a bassist on weekends, and a designer by profession.

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