I’m here.

If you wanted to dance with me
I mean really wanted to dance with me
then i would
i would dance with you
if you needed me t o walk on water
i would stand there until the lake froze
then i would
i would walk on water for you
if you suggested i climb
a mountain
warm at the bottom
freezing at the peak
i’d buy you a snow globe
turn it upside down and up in
hold your hand warm
watch the freezing snowfall
climb your suggestion creatively
if you mentioned
you’d like me to paint your Portrait
every crayon in the box
that’s who i see
if you said move me
i wouldn’t hire a truck
or even touch one stick of furniture
i would write this poem for you
put a bow on it
fingers crossed
i would move you
your lips are always on my mind
if you want a silly girl 
willing to do..
A silly girl... 
...hold you gentle but firm
i’m here
ring in hand
on one knee.
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