Yes, She’s Beautiful! Far more than the Imagination

They only see her face & body, but I’ve seen her kind heart & fierce mind. Yes, she’s beautiful!

This story is all about a girl, who is so innocent, kind and extremely sweet with people. Living the simple life, she grew up with utmost love and care of her family. Being the heart of her parents, she has always been pampered as a princess.

Yes, she’s happy and she does the entire dramatic tantrums to catch her parents’ attention.

Happy Family…Happy Moods and Happy She is!

Suddenly in between her laughs, she realizes that she is nothing like a princess; she has even no right to feel like that because of her dark complexion, oily short hair and unclean hands. Because she is fat and the lower part of her legs has black dark spots.

Short Skirts and Skinny Dresses don’t look good on her! Bright colors like — Yellow Orange and Red will make her look even worse. White helps the dark complexion to look darker and the light color might lose their charm if she’ll wear them. All such inferiority complex generated the lack of self-worth in her mind.

And continuing this flounder, one day when she wanted to try out some nailpaints or lipsticks to makeup herself, her friends pulled her back by saying ‘Baby this color won’t suit you. Maybe you can try this or that!’

Maybe they had no such intentions to make her feel so low but yes unintentionally they did so! That act destroyed her from inside. She screamed silently and hide her tears beneath the giggles and laughs.

From that day, she never dreamt to look beautiful & gorgeous. She never imagined herself to be like a princess. She had started believing on the fact that the beauty of heart reflects on a person’s face. And because she wasn’t enough beautiful, she couldn’t do anything to make herself feel better. Poor Girl! Isn’t She?

Deep inside her heart, she had a hope that someday someone will see the real beauty of her heart and accept her the way she is.

But her last hope broke-down when the guy whom she loved with whole her heart ditched her brutally.

What was her fault if she loved a guy who couldn’t see the beauty living deep inside her heart?

This incident had smashed this girls’ heart into millions of tiny pieces that could never be put together and look like in the same way again.

She had to go through all those painful screams and sobs but could never voice out her feelings and fears in front of anyone. Be it her parents or closest buddies, nobody could ever find out the heart-wrenching story of her sleepless nights.

I wonder how she continued to stay strong in crowd and destroyed in loneliness.

Her soft lips got elongated into a smile but didn’t quite touch her dark circled eyes. They were lit with the sadness! And I could clearly see the forced expression on her face to show the world that she’s happy. This make my heart feels heavy! Being her colleague and a lunch-mate, I wanted to see her happy and wipe away all those tears that had squeezed her beautiful smile.

For the couple of moments I gazed her and noticed her moves and it broke my heart terribly. I wanted to hug her tightly and tell her how beautiful she was, how much better guy she deserved. Yes, she’s fierce! Yes, she absolutely looks like a princess! Yes, She’ Beautiful far from the imagination!

What made her beautiful and different from others?

I can tell you just by the way she walks that she’s insecure and nervous about her appearance and beauty! Her foot-steps are light and timid as she slowly approaches, looking at me through her wide and extremely beautiful eyes (Perfectly lined and shaped beautifully).

I can imagine what might be going through her mind, thoughts like, what people might be thinking of her? Am I looking so ugly? Would they notice me? I understand coming up these thoughts in her mind is very usual.

I smiled at her, hoping to make her feel comfortable and lighten the burden she carries on herself that she isn’t adorable. And suddenly something amazing happened. She smiled! :)

Wow, I wonder, smiles really do have power. They can reach places the sun can’t and warm the very soul! I flattered on her smile which seems so genuinely sweet and innocent with just the right touch of shyness that unexpected warmth rushes through me.

Oh God! That stupid girl never had an idea how beautiful she is… Yes, she’s Beautiful far more than the imagination, far more than a princess.