Find your own Reflection Art
Find your own Reflection Art
Kanchan Tripathi


Numerous faces move-


The air heavy

with their words,

unspoken amidst the noise.

As I sit quietly

I can hear their silence.

I see my soul reflected in them.

An anxious face, a shy smile

and anger in their dark eyes;

with untidy knots

in their unfulfilled hearts.

Amongst them, I walk like rain.

Our hearts connected, by a nameless pain;

the unceasing agony of separation.

Then I taste the azure sky.

Beyond them, beyond I,

I see the light.

As I stand alone in the crowd,

Strong in my solitude,

My silence transcends the voices.

That inner silence becomes my fortitude.

I perceive them, not with senses

I experience them with my soul.

I walk like rain.

I taste the infinite skies above.

Seeing in them,

the human expression of Him,

I learn the prelude to love.

-saloni khatri

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