The Current State of Politics and Ignorance…

The most hilarious thing about election season is the people calling other individuals’s opinions “ignorant” or wrong. Which is an ignorant statement, considering it’s their opinion. Which means my previous statement is ignorant since the initial person calling someone else “ignorant” is in fact their opinion.

It irks me almost as much as someone who dislikes someone else because of what school they went to. Neither one makes much sense. I heard University of Alabama grads call Auburn University kids stupid (and actually believed it). Ignorance.

How would you feel if someone judged your intellectual capacity if you liked to drink Coke of Pepsi?

Yes. In this case someone’s opinion could play a part in electing an individual that could damage our nation. It is a very small part. Besides, tearing down their values to make yours look superior will NEVER bring them to your side of thinking. If anything it will make them dig in their heels and fight back (sometimes by fighting dirty).

Human nature and the need to feel superior are fascinating. People tend to show their lack of intelligence by attempting to show their intelligence in the first place. Ignorance. May I suggest something? Refrain from showing your ignorance by suppressing someone else’s beliefs. If it’s that big of deal…end your friendship and be done with it.

No president will ever be perfect, and there’s a high likelihood that your favorite candidate won’t do 40% of what he or she is promising. Then you’ll be getting laughed at for supporting him/her in the first place. So let’s stop the vicious cycle now and have conversations and not condemning everyone who is different from you.

There are so many people who choose candidates like they pick a March Madness bracket. “Oh I’ve heard about Duke a lot in the last four months, I’ll choose them to win it all!” Ignorance. This is not the way to choose your President (or your brackets). should be one of your most visited websites over the next year. After every single debate you should be making sure your candidate is telling the truth. This is an easy way to spot political red flags.

Actually…just bookmark it. Refer to that site once a week to validate that your favorite candidate is as truthful as you believe him or her to be.

We have way too much information and technology at our disposal to vote based on our political leanings. At this point in history if you vote purely based on a party affiliation, you are doing your country a disservice. Ignorance. Don’t be lazy and phone in a decision of this magnitude. See if your favorite candidate even believes in what is coming out of their mouths!

You may be wondering which way I lean? I’m an independent. I look at all of the facts (via Google) and choose the candidate that I believe will steer our country in a better direction than the other. I don’t subscribe to a political party like I didn’t choose Greek life in college. I’ve never liked the idea of voluntarily stepping into a box and staying there. Neither should you.

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