The last one-to-one tutoring

Turned out to be a teacher is not as simple as that and is not as easy as imagined. Previously, I think that being a teacher is only need basic skills like to control the students, to attract students attention, and to deliver the material well. And I know it’s totally wrong when I turn in TLM class. In this course, I learned many things about how to being a mathematics teacher. I learned that we have to use an interesting method that appropriates with the students in deliver material, I learned that it is very important to applied proof and reasoning to the students in mathematics class, I learned that problem-solving in mathematics is a key to making students have a higher level of critical thinking, and the last one is how to make a lesson plan.

Since in the TLM class, I just found out that as a teacher we have to make a lesson plan every meeting with the students. We have to manage the time very well even it’s only 5 minutes because it can be very valuable, we have to imagine which activity that need to do or not, what method that will be used, what kind of assessment, what is the best way in approaching the students, what kind of assignments, and so on. And lesson plan becomes our final test in this course.

As usual, there is always one-to-one tutoring with our chosen lecturer to help us in developing our lesson plan. This time, I get an opportunity to be able having a discussion with Miss Puti. Doing discussion with Miss Puti is very helpful and what I like the most is she is very open minded. I did a mistake in the first basic competences because I make that by myself, not based on the curriculum. Haha. Miss Puti explain to me with very patient that referring to the curriculum is very important, she said that curriculum is like a foundation for the teacher and learning objectives is referring to the basic competences. She said that in the activity part, it is important to include the example, the explanation, even the attachment depend on what we use to help if there is another teacher will turn into our class. Overall, Miss Puti check my lesson plan with very detail in every part, sometimes she gives me a feedback including the reason with very clearly if there is something wrong.

After our discussion, now I have a better understanding of making a lesson plan than before and this is the end of our class. I hope, later on, Ican be a better teacher like you and Miss Mima.

Thank you for all the knowledge that you both have given to us, especially to me :)