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First Rough Draft- Why Harry Porter is a famous Franchise?


Harry Porter, a franchise that everyone loved watching in all these years, is one of the most successful and popular movie franchises of all time. Not only children, but it is a movie which is liked by adults also. The movie is based on a fantasy story of a child who has magic powers and he does good deeds using his powers. Harry Porter is one of the most popular movies in the world. The movie is based on the novel of J K Rolling. It is famous across the world and people like it for many reasons (Mishra). The movie is considered as one of the best Hollywood movies of the time because it was able to have record breaking openings every time. Not only people of America, but it is loved in Arab cultures as well.


One of the main reasons of the popularity of the movie in America is that it is produced in the local language and people of America can easily understand it. Secondly, the locations of the movie are all based on imaginary sets which do not exist in the world but make the audience to think that there is a world like that. That is the power of this movie that it is able to grab the attention of its audience by showing them such fantastic imaginative places. The main thing which attracts audience is the story of the movie and not to mention, the cast of the movie that is ruling over hearts of millions of followers of the movie.

Another reason behind the success of this artifact is that it is based on a fantasy world. Not only children, but adults are also in love with this movie. The magic, the characters of the movie, the cast of the movie, everything is so fascinating about this movie. Children are in love with the movie. Because of its characters, the movie is not only famous in America, but it is also famous in countries other than America. Children across the world consider harry porter as their favorite hero. Also, the cast of the movie is playing an important role in the popularity of the movie. According to Bury, Harry is one of the best heroes of all time because people have shown him love from the time when he was 10 years old to the time where he is today (Bury). I have to agree with him because people love him so much. It is encouraging to see that people have given children so much love that today he has become one of the superstars of all time.

This movie is also famous because parents want their children to watch it as this movie gives a lesson of good and bad. It helps children to learn what is good and what is bad. Also, it guides them how to differentiate the evil and angel.

Other than Hollywood, the movie is being loved across the world because it is available through Youtube and other social media platforms. The movie hits billions of views in a single day which makes me think that it must have been growing with every minute. Recently, a new part of this series was released for readers and it was pre-sold. Many children like to costume themselves in Harry Porter costume on Halloween night which is becoming a tend now.

It is stated in New York Times, which is one of the most read social media platform for international and national readers, “There are 325 million copies of the seven Harry Potter books in print around the world, in 65 languages. The final book, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” sold 8.3 million copies the first day it was on sale, a publishing record” (Mitchel). This makes me think about the popularity of the show and also makes me think that what could be more popular level if a single story has been sold in more than 60 languages? The movie does not only have followers from English culture, people follow this series from across the world and everyone loves it for the fact that it is a great movie.

One of the major reasons behind popularity of Harry Porter movie is that this movie is based on a fantasy story which is not known. Also, the movie is written by a credible author who is already famous among people. The author is also a British writer so she understands what makes the audience go woo. In this movie, there were several parts where the audience could be blown as not only the story of the movie, the set of the movie, the cast of the movie and other factors involved in the production of the movie are also as important as other factors. if the writer had not written in the movie in such context, the audience would not have been able to imagine the scenes of the movie like that. Knowing the English culture and having lived her entire life there, the author understood that what is needed by the people of America now as something was lacking to guide the new generation of the time.

There is no doubt about the popularity of this movie and no wonder its popularity index will reach high because it is being played across the world with translation. Anyone who will read the book will be curious to see the story on big screen as well. Having seven beautiful part, this movie is here to stay for a longer time. Also, the author of the movie is planning to writer more about this movie to continue this series. In the current time period, we really need such movies to be made because the will be the role model for young generation and children as the character of Harry and his two friends is exceptional. This movie not only tells us what is the difference between truth and evil is, but it also tells us that what a true friendship is (Mishra). This movie is a great movie which will remain one of my personal favorite movies as it makes me happy and makes me go through so many emotions at one time.


Concluding the above discussion, Harry Porter is one of the popular movies of all time and it will remain popular till many years because it has an innocent and beautiful story which could grab attention of anyone. The movie is a must to watch movie for all the children in our society no matter what culture they belong to. This artifact will open doors for other artifacts from other countries which will help to reduce and understand cultural diversity. We should let children watch such movies and motivate them to be like the main characters of the movie, who always supported truth and fought for truth no matter what were the circumstances.

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