We All Need Variety at Work

  • Are creative and expressive
  • Can give new insights on complex problems
  • Can see the big picture
  • Are good at understanding how even seemingly unrelated things are connected
  • Can be funny and charming
  • Can be impulsive
  • Either provide pure innovation or drive it with their enthusiasm and motivation
  • Sometimes neglect, deny, or forget about their need for security and certainty
  • Have lots of interesting experiences and stories to share
  • Are valuable participants in brainstorming meetings
  • Resist routine activities (possibly chronically late on monthly reports, for example)
  • Get bored and lose motivation
  • Can feel hopeless
  • Can enter a slump in terms of creativity
  • Spend time daydreaming and fantasizing
  • May take on an additional work project outside of their regular job or start their own business ‘on the side’
  • Are ill-prepared for unpleasant surprises in life (job loss, illness, death of a loved one)
  • Resist neutral or positive changes at work including reorganization processes or upgrades in technology
  • Can become isolated as they fear interaction with those who are different or unknown
  • Can become rigid in both ideas and ways of doing things
  • Respond well to both patience and reassurance when it comes to any change
  • Miss out on the benefits of diversity
  • Lag behind the competition
  • Are slow to innovate themselves
  • Might not keep up with research and innovations in best practices, procedures, and systems that can support their work
  • Can lose sight of changing market needs
  • Are proven by research to be more productive (*HBR reference below)
  • Handle the inevitable shifts and changes in economic climates
  • Are well-prepared for the effects of political and environmental disasters
  • Are market-responsive
  • Spend more time talking with each other, and spend more time talking about ideas
  • Tend to honor each member’s creativity, and therefore encourage all to be creative



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