Stripped Down by London

Salt & Wonder
Nov 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Getting our Bearings

Likeminded & Distinct — The Stack Awards 2017 in Shoreditch where around 33 indie magazine nominees compete for awards in 11 different categories. Check out @stackmagazines and their radio station for their weekly take on essentials in print.
Westminster is all about English Victorian and Gothic style perfection. Covent Garden instead calls for your attention with squeezed boutique style houses framed in deep savory colors.
Beautiful Chiltern Street & The Mae Deli @Seymour Place

Stripped Bare and Hungry for More

Checked-In @The Hoxton Shoreditch: the perfect spot to soak up inspiration in this diverse, raw, demanding city, and reflect on the next steps ahead for Salt & Wonder Issue 02 and side projects in the pipeline. What’s out there that triggers us?
Raw, grounded, hungry: where surprising views of missing houses, pop-up stores, construction sites and bold signs mix with modern restaurants and a young busy crowd. The energy for creating is contagious.
Getting casual while busy amidst long days at the Hoxton Café. For a change to a great cappuccino: try the house brew with milk on the side. The perfect place to work in front of a warm fireplace, catch-up over drinks or have a moment to yourself in a relaxed but buzzing crowd howling in and out all day.
See more @thehoxtonhotel

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