I can’t believe that I learned so much in 3 months! I can now build a simple web application and be creative with it. Building a website is like doing a puzzle, you sort the pieces and build it into small portions, then slowly put all the pieces together, and there you go! you got an app. It sounds easy but there’s a lot of process involve behind it. This includes frustrations when you don’t get your code to work but that’s how you learn, you learn from your mistakes. So don’t be afraid to write your code, you can always take it out and try another piece that works, until the puzzle is complete.

Week 6? I don’t even know the dates anymore its just going by so fast!!But I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Despite of the lack of sleep and late night commutes, joining this bootcamp is a wonderful learning experience. Speaking of fun, we already started our capstone project…

Week 4 of coding

Im on my week 4 of my coding bootcamp and I’am learning more about restful routes. There are methods and concepts that are introduce to us that are now harder to grasp on because its a combination of everything(models and associations) and there’s just alot of…

They said anyone can learn how to code, and I thought to myself, no I can’t do it I’m not good in a math, those kind of programmer stereotypes give me doubts in entering this program, but after 2 weeks of coding classes, I’m actually enjoying it and not a lot of numbers so far. It’s pretty exciting that you can learn a lot in 3.5 hours everyday and create something awesome with that! It takes a lot of effort to make your app work or sometimes 5 cups of tea if you get multiple syntax error, but when you get it working, its actually pretty worth it! Looking forward to learning more about coding!

New Year-New Beginning

A lot has changed for me within the past 4 years since I graduated from college, and one of them is my career switch from medical field to to tech field. It was a life-changing step for me which at first made me question myself, but I…

Noelle Salta

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