Benefits of Basement Renovations

When you want to renovate a residential or commercial basement there are many reasons to use a Licensed Electrician Ottawa. Your new home basement renovations may include a bar with special lighting that needs to be installed properly. Lighting might go into cabinets and behind glass for nighttime use. A certified electrician can install lights and work on wiring to meet building code standards. Certain types of lighting might need lower or higher electrical power to work correctly. Our experienced Commercial Electrician Ottawa and Residential Electrician Ottawa can help with wiring and installation.
When you remodel the basement, you may want a home theater or play area for children. This will involve installing lighting and special equipment to give it the proper look. Lighting fixtures come in many different varieties and our staff can help you remodel your home or commercial basement. Our services provide many different type electrical services for the basement.
At Salter Electric Ltd., we can add new circuits to your main breaker. We can easily add a new basement sub panel and connect all wiring to new light switches and outlets. When you need more power to run new equipment, we can provide a service upgrade to keep you up to standards. Our staff can install dedicated circuits to help run new appliances and entertainment systems in the basement. Basement lighting is very tricky and should be done by a professional. We can install ceiling fans and overhead lights with ease.
We can add accent lights for collectibles for basement renovations Ottawa, or track lighting for bars and kitchens. A complete basement remodeling increases your home’s value. An insured and certified electrician is essential for accomplishing this task safely. Call Salter Electric Ltd to learn more about residential or commercial basement renovations for your home, condo, or apartment building at 613–748–6202 today.

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Founded by Richard Salter in 1965, the company has continued to service Ottawa's electrical needs since 1965.

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