Hows Finding Your Next DevOps Unicorn Coming Along?

It’s no secret that good talent is hard to find. Tech talent is even harder to find.

A recent article released by tells us quite a bit about the tech market, where supply/demand affects your business needs and sheds light on where your expectations should be.

In the article, DevOps is the 3rd most in demand skill set by employers following Engineering Managers and Software Architects. As we know, most enterprises are either in the process of adopting the DevOps way or are well on their way to building out a solid team of problem solving, automating and overall unicorn teams! What about the hardest positions to fill within this list? DevOps comes in at a #2 following Software Architects.

Most companies have had an open DevOps position for months on end usually do to having vague or maligned expectations for what their DevOps engineer should be for the organization.

Salt has a few tips to help you find your next DevOps unicorn.

1.) Become really clear as to what DevOps means to your organization and how this person will fit within the current infrastructure. Since DevOps is not an actual job title and more of a methodology, we know that there are different types of engineers that can fall along the process of automation, integration, deployment and internal cultural change. Salt comes across a number of DevOps requirements with the understanding that DevOps usually means something different to each organization.

2.) Compensation needs to be competitive and attractive simply because the demand for DevOps engineers is much higher than the actual supply. The great ones that you are looking for are usually already employed or will come off the market quickly.

3.) The Interview process should be short and effective — A good chunk of the DevOps population are contractors and freelancers who enjoy the variety and challenge of having different kinds of engagements. By having a long interview process and multiple screenings, you are not only making the interview experience unpleasant for the potential candidate, but you are also leaving this person out on the market for the next company!

4.) Work with industry experts. You have a lot on your hands and recruitment stress should be the last thing that you are preoccupied with. DevOps is a small community of moving parts and requires a recruitment strategy on another level. At Salt, DevOps is what we do day in and day out. We speak and network with the best in market and have an in depth understanding and quick delivery time.

Get in touch with Salt’s DevOps practice and see what’s buzzing in the DevOps world.

Danielle Noket

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