You’re a Web Developer?

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls! It has been a little while since I wrote about anything. I have been meaning to, but just need a little oomph…that little oomph came today in a YouTube comment.

The Gist
So there seemed to be a small YouTube comment war between myself and a couple other ppl over learning and groking JavaScript and having that as a sufficient skill under your toolbelt. I believe the words were.

dont you need JS to be a Web developer? I mean thats like programming 101 for a decent Web dev IMO.

Hmm…what about the debate between what being a developer means, opposed to being a programmer. I never said I was programmer. I would also argue that programming 101 and Web dev 101 are two totally different things. That is like comparing Java to JavaScript.

The Truth
The fact of the matter is this. You do not have to be a JavaScript expert to be a Web developer. Ask yourself this question, “do I write code that is used on the Web?”. If the answer is yes, than you are a Web developer. My strength lies in the UI, I am not a JavaScript expert. It has taken me a couple years to finally start groking the inner workings of JavaScript, outside of basic concepts and functionality, and still it is my greatest weakness.

All that aside, I accepted a senior ui developer position for a company here in Metro Detroit and the company knows I have a weakness in the JavaScript universe. Do I know JavaScript? Yes. Am I an expert JavaScript developer? No. Do I write code for the Web? Yes. Well than, I guess that buries the hatchet on that comment.

Angelina Fabbro summed it up great in her JSConfUS 2013 talk. Angelina Fabbro at JSConfUS 2013