First, nothing I said the article is my personal ‘opinion’.
Miklos Philips

To me, “And here’s a shocker… they’re not interested in learning your UI.” is your ‘opinion’ that if you don’t do something a certain way then you’re doing it wrong based on your data. From my perspective every article is backed by some form of data. Yet many articles have different opinions on how to interpret that data into certain design workflows. I’m not disputing that labeling a nav item is not a good thing. I actually prefer labeling personally. My point is FaceBook, an enourmously successful company, chooses NOT to label their nav. Does that mean they purposely decided to throw up a “road block” despite the data you referenced? And they consciously decided to make their UX supposedly more difficult by doing so? Don’t take my comment personally. I’m just voicing my opinion based on my research. I find that you can have a successful UX with or without labeling. Thanks.

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