Boost Your UX with These Successful Interaction Design Principles
Miklos Philips

“Unlabeled icons are tantamount to throwing roadblocks into a user’s path because they’ll have to stop to decipher meaning. You’re interrupting the ‘flow.’ And here’s a shocker… they’re not interested in learning your UI.” — This is an example I see all the time of someone writing something as being an absolute ‘must-do’ for good UX. But when FaceBook does NOT label their icons in the nav I have to wonder why people make such definitive statements? I read UI/UX articles daily to get new ideas and to keep a pulse on new trends. But I constantly see many conflicting ideas between many articles. Why can’t authors say “I feel this is the best approach” rather that “this is the way it should be?” This is a great article. Don’t get me wrong. But if there was only one way to do everything we would all be out of a job.

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