Happy Birthday Max Planck

Quantum physics and healing

On April 23, 2014 at 2 am, I abruptly awoke from a powerful dream. In the dream, I felt a very strong force of energy hurl from space into each of my ovaries. They exploded like a Big Bang. It was excruciating pain matched with equally high ecstasy. I awoke, free of the physical intensity, but with the name Max Planck repeating in my head over and over. After an hour or more hearing this name repeatedly and wondering what I had just experienced, I got up in the dark in search of my ipad. I had to find out who in the world was Max Planck.

Quickly I discovered that he won a Nobel Prize for his originating discoveries in Quantum Theory. He proved that matter exists because of consciousness. Max and Albert Einstein were colleagues.

This dream, being so potent and mysterious, stayed with me. A week or two later, I again began to research more about Max Planck, wondering what this had to do with me. To my surprise and delight, I noticed Max’s birthday ……April 23, 1858. The night I had the dream was April 23. Now I was seriously intrigued.

I am not one with a head for the theories of Quantum Physics, but I do have an intense interest in healing and consciousness. Over my years of practicing CranioSacral therapy, and experiencing many strange and wonderful energy responses from people, I have come to understand some practical aspects of quantum theory. Most consistently and to me, magically, it is this: put your attention on something and it will change. In other words, observation results in change.

I use this idea to my clients’ advantage, and amazing positive changes occur toward healing and health. My technique is to first help them find places in their body that have pain or dysfunction. Together, we then put our attention on this place. I magnify the attention by possibly putting my hand at this place and by asking questions that support bringing more consciousness to this spot. I might ask, what colour do you see? what shape is the pain? What is the texture, temperature? As we amplify the attention, the sensation and quality of the spot begins to morph and change. It is fascinating and consistent. By keeping our consciousness and attention upon a specific thing, almost without fail, the original problem will change, and in positive ways. I imagine my simple observation techniques are taking advantage of Max Planck’s discoveries…..matter exists because of consciousness.

Although I don’t know why Max Planck visited me on his birthday, I do feel blessed to play with his ideas and enjoy the magic of being some “matter” in this wonderous universe.

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