Why “I Beat Anxiety” is a Terrible Title
Meredith Arthur

‘Beating’, ‘Curing’, ‘Fixing’, ‘Conquering’, are all, in my humble opinion as a sufferer of a severe mental illness, are not only unhelpful but downright hurtful words. So when I read those articles, and I try that ‘50 Ways to Beat Bipolar Mania with Things You Have in Your Kitchen Instead of Meds’, listicle advice and it doesn’t work, I feel like a failure. It just helps fuel public perception that the only reason I am not yet ‘cured’ is because of some moral failure on my part. I didn’t try hard enough.

So yes, please, more care with our words. ‘Coping with’, ‘Living with’, ‘Handling’, ‘Making Friends with’, ‘Strategies for Dealing with’. I know those are way less sexy. But there is much more truth in them.

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