I’m So Tired of Being Told that my Fat Body is Going to Kill Me
Ijeoma Oluo

I relate in a different ways. I have naturally low blood pressure. Whenever a nurse takes it, inevitably his or her eyes meet mine with alarm. ‘IS YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE ALWAYS THIS LOW?’

‘Well, I’m not passed out on the table, and yes my blood pressure is always that low, thanks for asking. I think I’ll be fine.’

I also happen to have Bipolar I. The last time I visited an emergency room, it was because I had a dislocated finger. I was walking my dog, tripped, and my finger got stuck in his leash when I fell. The disturbing part was that the doctor, upon finding out I had a mental illness, asked me, ‘Is your bipolar bothering you right now?’ Look, I’m screaming in agony because you are shooting my my pinky finger, which is on sideways, with Lidocaine, not because I am manic. I still struggle to understand what a dislocated pinky has to do with mental illness.

It is so insulting when doctors treat you like what is normal and natural and a part of you is supposed to set off some sort of alarm bell that they feel the need to notify you of.

Thanks. This has been a part of me for forever. No need for you to sound the alarm. I got this.

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