I Don’t Care If They Discover the Cause of Bipolar
Janet Coburn

I’m with you. I have Bipolar I (with psychotic features! Huzzah!) I don’t give a fork where it comes from. I’m certain it’s an indeterminable mix of genetics and environment factors. Personally, in the absence of absolute, concrete, verifiable, testable facts, I lean toward genetic as dad, uncle, and grandma all had mood disorders. There could have been others. That’s just me building sandcastles in the clouds.

What irks me from what is implied when I read about ‘what we now think causes bipolar’ is what new hot trend in treatment I’m supposed to follow to cure myself.

'I heard it’s caused by an imbalance in your gut bacteria. If you would eat more fermented foods, you would feel so much better.’

'I heard it’s caused by a diet that’s​ too low in vitamin E. If you would just eat an avocado a day, you would be like everyone else.’

‘I’ve heard stress exacerbates it. Can you just like try some yoga and meditation and maybe you won’t have racing thoughts and you can sleep and stuff.’

This is why the reporting on 'We think we’ve found the cause of bipolar’ is not helpful. Work on developing better meds that control the symptoms and have fewer and less harsh side effects so we can live better lives. I care less about a cause and a cure and more about living better.

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