On Trump and Evangelicals. Or, church sucks. Go anyway.

I’m posting 7 months after the date, but that’s typical of me. Enjoyed your analysis of the Church, and sharing your own experience. It echoes mine, not that such a thought is comforting. I’m currently blessed to have landed in a church founded heavily on Reformed doctrine and worship, combined with a pastor who has dilegently kept to preaching Christ crucified, and seeing his role as one who mends the bloodied and battered saints who crawl into the church on Sunday in hopes they will be able to confess their sins, receive grace, and then be able to walk (or limp) up Mount Zion into the presence of the Lord in word, song, prayer, and sacarment.

I discovered you via your iOS apps. Great stuff. They’ve helped me on my journey into singing and meditating on the Psalms and the Reformed confessions and creeds. Amazing how old age and deterioriating health are so severely merciful as to point one to Truth as the only comfort. Hope you will keep up your walk and your work!

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