OnTime Interaction Design Prototype

I’m working on how people interact with time. And how time affects how people interact with each other. The goal of this was to come up with a design that improved our interaction with time (and each other).

I started by interviewing a few colleagues. I had about a 15 minute interview with two people. They told me their stories. They explained their daily lives.

I drew some pictures that captured common events in their day.

The next step was to come up with an idea to improve their lives. My idea was OnTime. It is a feature that could be added to smart phone calendar apps that would let you indicate to the other people in the meeting whether or not you were going to be late.

I started by drawing some wireframes on paper. And then it became a digital wireframe.

The next step was to create an interactive prototype and test it.

After a few tweaks, I now have the final prototype.

The End.

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