Make Your Mom Cry to Feel Successful

Singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco and his mom Agnes DeMarco. Photo: Pitchfork.

Some people feel successful when they’ve earned a certain amount of money, or when they’ve produced a certain number of whatever it is they work with (projects, books, albums, etc.). Others feel successful to see they’ve raised a family or traveled extensively across the world during their lifetime. A less conventional way to feel successful is to make your mom cry.

No, I do not mean make her cry because you got in jail or you suffer from a deadly disease or have insulted your father. I am referring to when a mother cries because their child achieved something of importance, something she can mention to her friends with pride and something she will remember for the rest of her life.

Mac DeMarco’s mom cries when she listens to the wonderful moody songs he composes. I’ve also cried to Mac’s music, but I imagine it must be different for his mom to know that her son is capable of creating such moving songs. She’s been part of that story as a mother. She contributed to the beautiful art that his son produces in his Brooklyn apartments and delights thousands of dreamy souls across the country.

My mom cried during my graduation ceremony in college. She has sacrificed a lot so that I could conclude my studies and, forgive the cliché, achieve my dreams. And at the time, her tears were all I needed to know that I was successful. That instant assured me that I was a good person, following the right path.

Next time you question your worth, think of those instances when you’ve made your mom cry tears of happiness that nonetheless look no different from her tears of pain and sadness.

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