So you might think I’m a little crazy to talk about this now with all the holiday busyness surrounding us. However, I really think now is the right time to start thinking about goals for the new year. To set good, intentional goals you need some time to think and reflect. Of course, I also think anytime of year (not just the new year) is a great time to set goals.

To set good, intentional goals you need some time to think and reflect. That's why now is the best time to have a simple and effective goal setting process in place. Here is a free download (available in full size and half size) for you to download. -

Start NOW

Here’s why you should start thinking about your goals now. Good goals take time to create. You need some time to really reflect and think deeply. I don’t think you need to set aside hours each day to work on this, but it’s a good time to really start thinking.

I’ll be walking us through this process step by step (with pretty printables, of course) over the next few weeks, so let’s get started. First, I want to encourage you to dive in where you are, and not get caught up in making everything perfect.

Reflect and Brainstorm

To get started, we’re going to do some reflection and brainstorming. The idea is that you can sit down for half an hour and do this part, or you could just work on it for five minutes a day. There are only 4 parts in this step (although you may want to print more than one of each sheet if you have more thoughts to get on paper).

Each step is explained on the pages of the printable so I won’t repeat it here. Go ahead and download Part 1 of 2017 goal setting printables in your desired size:

Free Worksheet — 2017 Goal Setting


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If you want some extra help setting goals that you’ll actually accomplish, I highly recommend the Make Over Your Year course by Crystal.

So do you think it’s too early to think about goals for 2017?

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