Louisiana Man

It was a cold day in Papillion. I had the covers on but must have knocked them off in the night. Normally I would wake up comfortable but this morning it was cold. I slowly made my way out of bed and towards the thermostat and pressed the button to light the display. It read 25 degrees and was set on the heater mode and on. It showed 70 degrees Before I went too bed. That ac repair man must not know what he is doing! This was the second time in a week the ac man was here to fix the ac unit. I guess thats what I get for trusting an ac repair man from the state of louisiana. He probbaly nevers sees cold temperatures like this down there. It was not uncommon for it to reach the low teans this time of year.

That ac man! That louisianian!!! or whatever you call those people from the state of lousiana. I’ll have to report him. Maybe he knows a thing or two about fixing ac unit cooling systems but certainly not the heating system portion of an ac unit. I guess since it is rare it would get this cold down in louisiana his main work is in fixing the cooling system not the heating, but he should have told me if thats the case and cut me a good deal on his work. I’ve paid him twice for the same job and it is still not working.

I will give him a piece of my mind or take him to court. If he does by chance win then I will hire a lawyer that is well versed in the law and have him file an appear. I will him appeal the case. I shall not stop there but will take him all the way to the supreme court. This is a survival case for I could have froze to death, my pipes could have burst and caused injury. I could have a limb off in this freezing cold. It is well below freezing and had I not awaken I might never have been able to do justice and present this matter to the public for what juror or judge could deny me my life.

I decided to get dressed to warm up before brushing my teeth and washing my face. I will turn the bathroom heater on and close the door as I dress. Thank goodness I have hot water at least. My feet were ice cold. I grabbed my coveralls and they felt as ice. I didn’t feel like waiting for them to warm up so I put them on slowly. I then put on one pant leg at a time. I could not feel my body as it had become numb. A cup of coffee would feel good right now but now the realization that I did not turn it on came to mind. I headed over to the kitchen now to put some water in the coffee maker. As I leaned over the faucet and turn the faucet on it would not flow and then I tapped on it and it came bursting out and burned my hand with it being so cold. I am glad the pipe did not burst and the water was still flowing. I needed the heater fixed now or I might have more major issues. I turned quickly and put the coffee pot back in the coffee maker and turned it on.

I then walked over to the fireplace and turned it on. It was gas operated and was working just fine. At least it would warm up the place enough to make a little more comofrtable. I went back to the kitchen and turned on the oven to a moderately warm temperature and opened its door. These two along with the bathroom heater should help raise the temperature a several degrees.

Now my attention turned to the ac unit. What was I to do. Do I call the lousiana cool man that was only interesting in charging me and coming up with other parts that he claims were needed. I was familar with ac repair men and there schemes. After all I just recently watched a reality tv show that brought there practices to light. An reputable ac company was hired to disconnect a single wire on the ac unit of wannabe customers that would pretend to need ac repair. Some technicans that came out found the problem right away and claimed that some expensive parts would need replacing such as the compressor. Out of 10 companies only 2 reported the actual problem leaving 80% of ac repair companies to be unscrupulous. My decision will be a subject for the next chapter.

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