This is the best attempt I’ve seen at trying to sway Bernie supporters.
Irah Brown

So wrong. First of all there are many things that Hillary and the Donald will do completely differently and you cannot argue it at all. 1. There are judicial appointments made by Presidents of the United States. Those are extremely important to how our country dispenses justice and that justice should be representative of its people. If you want to see how tough and important this job is you might want to check this…

If you think the Donald will handle that job exactly the same way that Hillary will then you have not been paying attention lately.
Second, not to mention the Supreme Court vacancy. Did you forget about that? That’s probably the biggest reason Republican party leaders don’t just say “f$#k it” we’re gonna lose.
Third, trade and treaties. Really? Do I have to go into this big difference? Let me be simplistic. Hillary was a senator, the secretary of state and a first lady. She has run a global humanitarian foundation. She has personally met a large percentage of world leaders and had political, charitable and personal relations with them. Donald Trump goes to other countries and exploits their workers. He has stated publicly that he will begin trade wars with some of our most important trade partners.

I can go on and on…
Get the difference yet?