If you have watched Silicon Valley you’ll remember the app to detect (almost) every foods. Let’s write it using Flutter!

Silicon Valley 4x04 scene

Some weeks ago I was asked to give a talk about Flutter, but I didn’t want to make a classic talk explaining the general features of the framework.

So, what about making a sort of codelab using Flutter and the new ML Kit for Firebase? This is the written version of that talk.

Install Flutter

Go here to install Flutter for your OS. I won’t explain this, the official guide is good enough.

Create a new Flutter app

Use the Cli to create a new Flutter app:$ flutter create hotdog_detector


Open Android Studio and create a new Flutter app

Remember to remove…

If you read my last Flutter story you know that we had a problem configuring flavors in Flutter.

Why to use flavors

Working alone as a hobbyist android developer I never looked at flavors/build-config.
I did not need them, I was the only person of my team and the only stakeholder ¯\(ツ)

Here at Iakta the team is bigger and we have many customers, so if something goes wrong you cannot just yell at the mirror.

In 2014 I began my university career at Politecnico di Torino attending a bachelor’s program in computer engineering. The first class specific to IT was Computer science in my second semester, dedicated to the general structure of a Computer and to basic C programming. Yes, C.

They could teach us whatever other simpler and higher level language, but no, they chose C.

Another specific computer science class in the program was at third semester: Algorithms and programming. A course covering data structures (lists, tree, queue..) and various algorithm (sorting, shortest path..). A really tough subject, said to be the hardest…

My life is full of things to care of: university, job, GDG, a girlfriend..
But in some way I always find something new to do and to spend time on.

With a friend we’re trying to build up a website dedicated to small and medium businesses, but that is another story. What I want to write about today is a small, but important feature I’m adding to our web server.

Lately I’ve found Go to be a really good language: fast, good learning curve, low level but higher than C with comparable performances. And moreover It’s thought to make fast…

Here at Iakta we are a small team of developers. When I joined the team there were just one Android developer and only one iOS developer. Customers are always around the corner and deadlines are looming and so productivity is a thing that really matters. One of our last projects was about maintaining and build a new release of an app called Rotor, previously developed by another team.
In short Rotor is just a Uber style service, but involving artisans such as plumbers and electricians.

You all know that when developers read bad code written by other developers it’s a…

This is my first story on Medium, so I’ll begin with a little of background.

I’m an Italian guy living in Turin. In reality I was born in Sicily and there I lived most of my life, until University time when I packed up to go to Politecnico di Torino to study Computer engineering.

I was pretty sure of my choice and even now I don’t regret anything. …

Salvatore Giordano

💻 Flutter developer @ GetStream • Software engineering student @ PoliTo • Technology enthusiast • https://imtoori.dev/

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