Technology advocates grow up

This is my first story on Medium, so I’ll begin with a little of background.

I’m an Italian guy living in Turin. In reality I was born in Sicily and there I lived most of my life, until University time when I packed up to go to Politecnico di Torino to study Computer engineering.

I was pretty sure of my choice and even now I don’t regret anything. I always liked computers, since I was a little kid and now I could throw away all that latin things of my high school and dive into the nerd world of computer science.

After three years of studying and becoming crazy following lectures and trying to understand as much as possible I graduated in Computer Engineering.

But that was only the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree was waiting for me. The last year of Bachelor’s I ended up choosing to send some CV around the city searching for a part-time job.
At Polito we don’t see too much computer science even in the computer engineering course, but we have several electronics classes and stuff like mathematical analysis and so on..
Believe me, I liked that kind of things and I understand that everything had a purpose and now I’m very open minded and with an engineered thought that helps me in my daily job, but I wanted some true code to write, some real problem to solve and mostly something to learn (and write on the CV ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

Oh, yes, I got a job.
After some interviews, ridiculous internship offers, and some refusals I found my place at Iakta, a small company in Turin. Now I work three days a week and at the same time I’m studying for master’s degree in software engineering.

I’m also a member of GDG Torino and I’m shyly trying to contribute to open source projects on GitHub.

This was intended as an introduction to a story, but now it’s become a stand-alone one.

What I’ll be doing on Medium? As one of my friend said I could be a ‘technology advocate’ (I’m easy to become mad about some random tech and to explore it to the marrow), and so I’ll try to put some of my enthusiasm in this platform.

Bye, a presto!

💻 Flutter developer @ GetStream • Software engineering student @ PoliTo • Technology enthusiast •

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