I went to the ART FAIR on a Sunday night with my brother to accompany me. I honestly didn’t expect that there will be lots of people going and participating on the said event. It was very lively and the mood was surprisingly better than expected.


a. I chose the gallery “IN CAPITAL WE TRUST” by renowned painter Raoul “Iggy” Rodriguez. The setting of the gallery was somewhat horrific yet intriguing, gory yet beautiful. I chose this because I find darkness or anything that is mysterious (the creatures from the painting) very alluring.


The message conveyed on the painting is the transcendence of the hideous and repulsive, recreating magical creatures that entices viewers to glare and observe it’s beauty.



The gallery of Ronald Ventura was one of the busiest place in the event. It contains mythical creatures, weird paintings, and a sweet view of a rushing waves scenery.


Guardian 2017
A mythical creature characterised by swiftness and agility, a winged horse.
The distinction between humans and animals

I think his works are about the relationship of human beings to animals and his alluring fascination in to mythical creatures turned into a majestic art form.


a. Jose Tence Ruiz’ work was a gallery full of equipments of torture in the medieval age. It was a pretty tense experience because I was quite nervous if if its permitted to sit on one of the chairs or not.

b. It brings thrill and a chilling experience to the exhibitors as it shows us the beauty in a horror and gore scenery. It was dark and it was beautiful.


It was a new experience for me because it’s my first time going to an art gallery full of people. The event was very lively and unexpectedly enticing as we dive deeper into the galleries presented. It’s different from National Museum as it was more constricted of space and the guards was not as strict as the ones in National Museum. Also, the National Museum contains historical artefacts while the fair was more on beautiful art creations.