IA#4: Museum Visit 1

The first painting that caught my attention after I entered the museum was the painting of Juan Luna called “ Spoliarium”

I’ve never put much thought to this picture until I saw it up close in person. It was huge, and was placed on the center of the hall in the 1st floor. I think this painting is of great significance in the Philippine history compared to the other paintings because it showcases the masterpiece of our greatest known painter in the country Juan Luna.

The second thing I noticed was this sculpture named “Diwata”, a masterpiece created by Guillermo Tolentino. An art this beautiful truly deserves it’s place in our National Museum. I think Tolentino is fond of creating winged sculptures to furthermore embellish it’s aesthetics.

The second painting I noticed was “Yakap ng Kapayapaan” by Araceli Umaco Dans. I think it signifies the unconditional, protecting love of Filipino mothers to their children. Also, it says that people back then were religious based on the praying sign and the halo on both heads of the persons.

The second sculpture I observed was named “The Child Jesus Bearing His Sacred Heart” by Graciano T. Nepomuceno. It speaks to me in a way that all children have the purest of hearts, which kind of make me feel a little happy inside.

Third painting that took my attention was the Portrait of our National hero Jose Rizal by Felix P. Gonzales. It was a beautiful painting, almost as if it was taken from a camera. It’s very formal and it says to the viewers that our national hero knew how to dress well, an educated Filipino, and a ladies man.

The third sculpture I noticed was called “Nude in a Mannerist Style” by Isabelo Lacandola. It showcases the beauty of a woman’s body as it holds that femininity by her posture and the way she raises her arm.

The 4th painting I found was called “Death March” by Dominador Castaneda. It’s a very sad portrait of Filipinos struggling to survive the Spanish era.

The last painting is called “ La Coronacion De La Virgen” by Isidro Arceo. I think it focuses mainly on the holiness of the Virgin Mary as God, Jesus and the angels crowns her like a queen mother.