RE: Magento: why complex doesn’t mean good
Nikita Chernyi

Hello fellow Magento developer,

First of all, thank you for reading the article and taking the time to reply.

Right now I’m working a lot with Magento, and since I writed this article I learned many things about this software. I started to appreciate it more but still I didn’t change my mind about pretty much all the points above.

I could expand even more on all the things that I dislike about it, but I prefer to say something in favour of Magento now instead: most of the issues that I addressed here are due to the fact that actually Magento is quite an old platform. Despite that, it is still powering a lot of ecommerce stores in the world, so I’ll give my respect because of that. It is a stable platform indeed.

The lack of documentation though is very difficult to forgive, and the inline documentation you are referring to is absolutely insufficient. The only way to really understand Magento is to navigate deep into the code and learn how to read it.
My suspect is that this was a deliberate decision to make “profits by obscurity”.

Let’s see what happens with Magento 2.