Everyone Wants to Travel the World, but Not Everyone Can, or at Least They Think They Can’t!

Ten Thousand buddha Monastery in Hong Kong

That is exactly what I did, And it all started when I was a sophomore in college. Exactly when you thought high school drama is finally over, there’s something called adulting drama! A.k.a College!

I’m sure you know how they start, you’re hanging out with your group of friends and outta nowhere your -group- turns against you. End up smiling in your face but at the same time talking behind your back! Well! That was a big shock for me, because of- come on people, I’m trying to adult here!

Basically, in a matter of day and night, I decided to do the most adult-ish thing a twenty years old can ever think of. After struggling with a month long of depression, including; a no more desire to party or hang out with friends to even going out every day! In other words from “Socially busy” busy to “Leave me alone” Missy.

The conversation between my mom and I started with; “I’m not depressed! I can go out right now if I want to. In fact, I’m going to the furthest place outta here, I’m going to China!” she said “I dare you if you can!” and that’s when it all started! I booked a ticket to Japan! (Trying to avoid visa complications)

The story started when I was connecting to my Osaka flight in San Francisco from Newark Airport. I had 20 minutes before my flight departs, I was starving, and I needed something to drink or eat. I went to get something from some store in the airport. The first thing I saw was a pomegranate antioxidant juice; I bought it then headed right back to the departing area; did not even open that bottle!

I hid the bottle in my bag and got on my flight. I was asked to put the bag under the seat because the plane was extremely tight.

When we landed, I picked up my bag to take out my passport, opened the first page, it was wet, and my passport picture got washed out. The bottle couldn’t handle the air pressure, and of course, I almost had a heart attack!

As the determined person I was or hopefully still am! I decided to continue with my trip and even make it into a worldwide journey! Yes, with a damaged, least powerful passport in the world!

Well, my logic was, “Ohh If I’m in Japan and I backpacked through the country I can go to China and backpack through it too.” When I got to China, “Oh, wait if I’m in China, Russia is not as far as I thought!” and when I reached Russia, “Okay! Will I gotta go to Turkey, it’s right there!” and the story goes on until I reached New York City. Home!

As a millennial, I had to use Instagram and share the pictures for all those likes, right? I got back home to a full inbox, messages, and comments asking me if I married a Saudi prince, or even won the lottery! People didn’t know how easy it was or I thought it was, to travel. I did get in a lot of trouble, made many new friends and got lost everywhere! So instead of copy and paste the whole story to all, I decided to write a blog and just share the link to the hundreds of comments and messages.

And that’s a start of another story: The blog! Blog.Salwakisswani.com

In my blog posts, I learned how to use different writing styles, to keep my audience engaged and entertained for example;

In the Boston, Massachuttes blog post; I used a more narrative approach to discuss a general thought process when trying to travel solo, especially when you are a female solo traveler. At the same time going with a purpose other than pleasure (for education purposes!) Encouraging the readers not to be afraid of last-minute travel plans.

Within the topic of learning, I had written multiple posts from different cities around the world; where I multi-purposed my trip, not just for pleasure or being a regular tourist. Instead, for either learning a foreign language; like the Oaxaca, Mexico blog post, or to learn a new skill or work abroad, such as the Ankara, Turkey blog post.

Not sure if I mentioned that before, how my blog tends to have many stories of unfortunate events that just happens while traveling, from passport and visa issues, such as the Osaka, Japan blog post or the Beijing, China blog post that got over 439 shares.

I also wrote about experiencing local hospitalities such as in the Mount Koya, Japan blog post or being treated with so much love to the point as if I was a family member by strangers in the Ankara, Turkey. Oaxaca, Mexico. Also the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic blog post.

Not to mention, writing about other travel related materials that we need to research before deciding to visit; like knowing more about religious and national holidays, for the full exposure of possible ceremonies and festivals while traveling, as the Istanbul, Turkey. A blog post or the last minute planning or lifesaving (literally!) like the Mexico City, Mexico blog post or the Shanghai, China blog post.

When researching short trips, for a conference, for layovers or any last minute travel plans, my audience tends to look for the Los Angeles, Miami and the Pamukkale blog post.

I find it very difficult to give one post an importance over another; I had different unforgettable experiences in each city I ever been to, such as Kyoto, Arashiyama, Hakone, Tokyo, or stuck in the airport like Moscow! Or experiencing Cordoba-Veracruz, Mexico, and its Mango Chili!

Of course, all that does not include the posts that I yet need to publish about, from cities I visited recently. Also as a Travel content creator, I wrote a post about business class travel mentioning the future travel to Cuba before removing the ban to US citizens.

All that said, I got a chance to change my life upside-down, I became a more open-minded person, saw my dreams come true right in front of my eyes. Apparently, I did not notice all those things until I looked back on my life.

At first, I didn’t see myself going anywhere or improving- come on I kept getting myself in trouble and getting lost everywhere. I thought I was a mess, but what I was going through was living life! And that’s all I need for the future, some cool stories to tell my grandchildren!

You need to get lost in the process, go through life’s ups and down, go with the flow. Learn, fall and experience. All you need is courage and action.

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