Salyl Bhagwat
3 min readDec 4, 2022

Bridge to Wall Street

In the past few years, I’d been thinking a lot about doing something constructive to participate in reducing the widening wealth gap. The issue is so broad and fundamental that it felt ridiculous for a “nobody” like me to even think about having even an infinitesimally small impact on the issue. So, like any rational engineer, I suppressed my enthusiasm to get involved.

However hard I tried though; I kept getting drawn to it. I traversed through economics, game theory, equilibriums etc. and realized that it was only increasing my propensity to formulate something tangible that could be used by anyone trying to grow one’s hard-earned savings.

My personal experiences obviously played a role in defining that “tangible” product. I’ve been doing engineering for the past 26+ years in Technology industry with my own share of successes in several “impossible” projects. I’ve also had my own share of successes in individual stock investments for the past 20+ years (In case you are wondering then I had learnt investing by reading a lot of books over the years starting with The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton, then several books by Peter Lynch, books on Index Funds, Value Investing, interviews of Warren Buffet on investing and in later years books on Momentum trading, Algorithmic trading etc.).

It is my perspective that, smart investing is what helps hard working people with even humble beginnings to work out financial freedom. Investing is risky albeit I think it is a systematic process and not gambling. So, it is my opinion that one should only invest what one can afford to lose. The goal is obviously to not lose money but take smarter risks to grow one’s savings.

On that premise, I decided to create a free and open source software that can do the “heavy lifting” for users and make the process of stock analysis and decision-making easy, consistent, transparent, verifiable, fast and automated. Automated so that the machine does the work and users get better equipped to participate in this sentiments game while managing respective busy lives. If the middle class succeeds with this, then it could have a positive impact globally.

The scope is well-defined, so I embarked on the journey to develop SPOT (Stock Price-Opining Tool) [Link to introduction video]. It was a steep, solo yet fun climb over the past two years that has culminated into a resounding success. SPOT works great for me and has exceeded all my expectations. The software is free, so I suggest you try and see if it helps you too. If it does, then just “pay it forward” by recommending it to someone else. I think it is easy to use for tech-savvy users. If you would like a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based version then please send me a note on my website. If there is interest then I’ll work on adding an app that has a GUI for mobile and desktop devices.

Humanity has done wonders by sharing knowledge. I see no reason why we cannot at least attempt to come together for this cause (#bridgetowallstreet).

You are welcome to join the SPOT open source project for collaboration to make it the best and comprehensive stock analysis software for all users worldwide [Link to invitation video].

Salyl S. Bhagwat,

Founder, CEO, void *Engineer,

Gammath Works