6 Things To Do When You Can’t Distract Yourself With Music (Or Your Phone)

There have been a lot of memes spreading after yesterday’s Spotify blackout, no doubt you have seen them. It’s common, when we are bored, waiting around or just a little emotional to dive into the world of social media, music or messages just to distract ourselves from what is really on our mind.

If this is something you know you do and would like some new tools then keep reading.

1. Recall Happy Memories

My partner once shared with me that when he’s stuck in the dentist’s chair or waiting around without access to his phone that he will relive his best goals in football or shots in tennis. What is your equivalent? Playing with your kids? Best nights out? Holidays?

2. Say What You See

This one is particularly good if you are out and about walking around. Instead of focusing on your thoughts, focus on the things around you, and just quietly name them. Allow your gaze to expand further than normal and catch the leaves high on the tree, the birds in the sky or the little beetles alongside the path.

3. Body Scan

Something my clients and I have been known to do is to get trapped in our heads, often known as overthinking. The quickest way I have found to drop out of this trap is to focus on our body. It can take practice and you may have to start over many times, but I highly recommend giving it a go. All you need to do is start at the tip of your toes and very slowly work your way up, feeling any sensations that arise in each body part. Why not try this guided audio Calm Your Mind By Focusing On Your Body as a place to start when you do have access to your phone.

4. List your top 10 songs

Who can actually name their top 10 songs — I know I would struggle. However when you are craving music and Spotify lets you down, it’s time to make that list. Hum them, sing them or just mentally rank them and enjoy the peace and quiet from your thoughts.

5. Take A Trip

This is one of my personal favourites. When you are lost in your mind, you might as well make it a wonderful place. For me, I’m always on a beach with palm trees, the sound of lapping waves, the smell of sun cream, the taste of cocktails and the heat of the sun on my skin. Where will you go? Be sure to make it as real as possible by connecting all of your senses.

6. Gratitude

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t mention gratitude (in fact I share mine every month). It’s hugely powerful in transforming our thoughts and if you have a few minutes without distractions there is nothing better than feeling blessed. So simply, what are you grateful for? Just list them out in your mind, or take a look at some of my suggestions to get you started.

Happy distracting

If making friends with your thoughts is something you would like to explore deeper then you can start where I did with a book called Stop Thinking Start Living. Discover the amazing work of Louise Hay, or jump straight to working with a coach who can support you and speed up the process. You can sign up for a free mini-coaching session with me to begin.

With Love

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I help stuck and over-thinking professionals get out of their heads and into their lives. Learn more: www.sam-curtis.com

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Sam Curtis Coaching

Sam Curtis Coaching

I help stuck and over-thinking professionals get out of their heads and into their lives. Learn more: www.sam-curtis.com

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