Cheers to my Duma Peers

Andela Bootcamp Day 4

This week has been quite a marathon. We all know that dumas don’t jog, we sprint!

Today, i’ll talk about my super supportive peers. Guys who are always taking time off their SUPER BUSY schedule to extend their help whenever a member is stuck.

In this post i’ll mention a couple of people in my team. Let’s start with the super incredible Melvin. She’s one of the smartest people in our group. Always ready to help out most of the time takes the initiative to personally reach out and explain a couple of things plus she’s always singing on hangout calls. I think she’s in a band or something. Such an honor to be on the same team with Melvin.

Pius! Dude is such a nerd yaaaaaani!!! I bet you a 1000 bob he has star wars merchandise. Pius is a super smart programmer. Other than thriving in Star Wars trivia, he’s always ready to share and work with me on difficulties that i’m going through. I’m just about to reach out to him after I publish this post.

There’s also Eric. He appears to be a shy guy but he’s super cool once you get to engage with him. You know that guy in class that you don’t know he’s there but you see him topping the end of year exams. Yeah, that’s Eric.

Lastly, drum rolls please……………………………………………………… thank you! Thank You!! Lastly, I would like to mention our LFA Jonathan. I think he’s the best facilitator anyone could ask for. Always available online to help. He’s always prompt with feedback and ensures we are giving the best output during the bootcamp.