Python Noob Struggles

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JavaScript is the king of the hill. There I said it.

I have had quite an experience recently with the Andela Homestudy. I think I have learnt a lot more than I ever did before. The homestudy has a really well defined guideline that can help you morph from a stackoverflow developer to an actual developer. We’ll talk about stackoverflow developer later, for now let’s talk about my first experience.

Coming from a language like JavaScript, I had no clue on how to set up environment variables in a Windows PC. Most of us can relate that setting this environments can be quite some pain sometimes.

I managed to download python 3.6 on my machine. That’s super easy, I can do that. Anyone can! The next thing was to setup pip. Pip is like npm install if you are familiar with NodeJS. So I hit pip install pipenv and I got an error “pip is not recognized as an internal or external command”. As a self taught developer, I know that almost all solutions are available on google. I came across a couple of articles on how to set up pip as an environment variable.

After successfully setting up pip, I could successfully download pipenv and setup a virtual environment.

Another problem I encountered is the path to the environment variables. Most of the time it points to the path/to/Python36/site-packages folder. You might need to change that to point to the path/to/Python36/Scripts folder. You might also encounter this while setting up virtualenv.

Those were some of the challenges I had as I was getting started with Python. Share some of the struggles you experienced while learning a new language.

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