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Make sure you know exactly what is holding back your Website on Google.
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When you launch a Website some, or all, of its pages are indexed and then valued by Google. The way Google sees the information offered on a web page is very different from the way we do. This leads Web owners into a false sense of security believing that because their Website looks and functions correctly, then all is fine, when in fact, Google sees many issues, errors and faults and thus progress on Google is obstructed.

The Website MOT is a THE report that provides you with the evidence of all these Issues, errors and faults as well as their respective fixes. Having spent money on the design and build of a Website we sometimes forget that if no-one can find it, your investment is wasted. As Google is the main gateway to people finding your website, it is important that you do everything you can to avoid obstacles which can impede your online progress.

By completing these fixes you can be certain that your Website is fit for purpose on Google.

For some business a Website MOT is all they need, for others it is the best start.

A few of the many benefits of a Website MOT

  • Knowing the errors, issues and faults that prevent your progress on Google.
  • Confidence that with these issues sorted, any future spend or work will have an impact.
  • Assurance that once fixed you won’t need to do them again.
  • A low cost answer to many Web issues.
  • An independent report on what exactly is wrong with your Website and how to correct it.

What actually is a Website MOT?

All car owners require an MOT to ensure that their car is legally safe and free from issues that could and will cause harm. In the same way all Website owners require a Website MOT to ensure that their Website is fit for purpose and free from impediments that cause performance issues on Google.

Online Mechanics have over 12 years of tried and tested experience performing Website MOT’s on both large and small Websites. We run Website diagnostics on every part of your Website and provide you with a full report detailing all current web issues, web errors and web faults along with their respective web fixes. In addition we provide some further advice for short and long term consideration.

Your independent report provides you with clear and precise knowledge as to what the main obstacles are on your Website and how to fix them. It allows you to understand how Google values your Web pages and why they are not progressing and driving traffic through. Your report provides you with new ideas on how to analyse or grade your web pages and allows you to look at things from a Google perspective.

Simply put all web owners require a Website MOT to ensure they overcome fundamental issues preventing progress on Google.

Our Website MOT Process

When you book your Website MOT with us, you receive:

  1. Complete Website Diagnostics which identify all issues, errors and faults that impede the performance of your Website on Google.
  2. A Website MOT report (PDF) listing all issues and their fixes, emailed to you.
  3. Optional help to fix the issues, if you do not wish to use your Web developer.
  4. Additional advice on further considerations for the future i.e. Social Media Indicators etc.
  5. Clarity at having identified the areas which obstruct web progress.
  6. Confidence that you can quickly fix things to put you back on track.
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