iBeacon BLE App Development

What is iBeacon / BLE Device? How it works?

Beacon is a piece of hardware — Size can be varied based on range & battery size but usually like small cheese cube. Basically it transmits a Low Energy Signals with Bluetooth 4.0 protocol.It has a range of sending signals up to 400 meters. ( Effectively around 50 meters). Smartphones / SmartOS and Beacons are the best dual technology every can happen. Smartphone with an app can receive this signals and can trigger action accordingly. Ex. if you are having an app developed with a beacon and you tick Beacon device with any of your important belongings ( Bag), You can get a notification when your bag goes out of the range specified in the app , also you can get notification when it comes with in range of your app. With the use of Bluetooth protocal there are many proximity based solutions possible. You can read our blog posts on iBeacon

Lets Nurture Renders Proximity through Beacon / iBeacon BLE Development

Proximity Based Solution using BLE Device allows business to collect more data , accurate data, For example if beacons are installed for each department of one big retail shop, it can help to collect data app user accessing which department at what time, what offer is being consumed more etc. As a retailer, you definitely want to woo more and more customers and promote your brand. Lets Nurture has an experience of crafting amazing beacon apps for retailers, entrepreneurs and others. Apart from the fantastic applications that we design, we also provide our own beacons with the logo of Lets Nurture embossed on it. We have worked with various industries for implementing beacon technology.

Our BLE (iBeacons) Apps provide numerous utilities to the clients. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Smart interactions with your customers
  • Push notifications designed according to your client’s needs
  • Beacon enabled payment systems
  • History and information of your clients

We have our own iBeacon

What kind of BLE Apps we have developed?

  • Heart Rate Measurement using BLE Sensors
  • Temperature & Humidity Measurement using BLE Sensors
  • Proximity Based Deals/ Coupon App
  • BLE/iBeacon based Museum Application
  • BLE / Beacon Based City Tour Guide App

We have our own beacon device. We have developed multiple POC with BLE Device. Our Proof Of Concept includes heart rate measurement, Retail Experience, Temperature & Humidity sensors.We have developed a proprietary campaign/context management system that allows administrators to manage anything from driving traffic to a hundreds of stores using a discount mechanic to guiding visitors around large attractions, unlocking value-add content as they go.

Our iBeacon Application Development Process