IoT solution enables fleet tracking and much more

Courtesy: Design Team @LetsNurture Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Ericsson predicts that by 2020, human population will grow to 7.6 billion, with almost 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. Not only the devices or smartphones but also the objects that are used in daily life are getting connected to the internet. Even a Gartner report stated that nearly 6.4 billion connected objects are in use currently, that is a 30% rise from the previous year. In turn, that number is expected to further explode by 2020, where the IoT market will include 20.8 billion things.

Internet of things is the next big thing that the technology giants are thriving to inculcate into the business practice to provide the world with connected solutions. How less tiresome it would be if you knew what is wrong with your car or a machine that you use the most. Now that we are talking about connected devices why not talk about connected vehicles. The most basic function in all fleet management system, is the vehicle tracking component.

Benefits of a connected solution

To start with, DHL, the German logistics company has all its fleet connected by implementing IoT technology. Let’s find out what are the benefits of implementing IoT for fleet tracking.

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