Make Your Analysis Standout Using Multi Measure Dynamic Visuals In Power BI

This video tutorial showcases one of the best visualizations technique I’ve discovered in Power BI to date — the multi-measure dynamic visuals technique.

If you want to create dynamic visuals that can really make your analysis stand out? Then you need to make use of it.

It allows you to work and present your results in a dynamic way. Not only are you able to work with dynamic results, you can change the measure or the metric you want to show a comparison to.

I go into this in great detail, showing you how you can set this up in various different ways to be able to ultimately visualize great insights.

It’s an incredibly effective way to highlight information in a very condensed manner in a Power BI report. Historically, if you are working with Excel on PowerPoint, you will have to create an extensive presentation to showcase as many results as you can or want in just this one visual.

This analytical and comparison technique for Power BI opens up several visualization options that your consumers will love and find very valuable.

If you’re creating reports and you want to improve your visualizations in a compelling way, then this is absolutely a technique you need to consider placing within your reports and models.

Check the link below for even more comprehensive guides on data visualization tips from Enterprise DNA Online.

Data Visualization Tips

Good luck with this one!


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Originally published at on July 11, 2018.

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